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Virtual Magic Experience

This experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your homes and the BEST part is everyone can participate and perform magic together; creating a more FUN, INTERACTIVE and EXPERIENTIAL atmosphere.

Virtual Magic Experience
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  • In this virtual magic show, you will meet The MADgicians - Acker and he will perform live on Zoom across the world from his home to yours. He will read your minds through the screens and you will experience an absolutely interactive show where he will need your participation. Look, you’re not merely watching a show, you are creating the show with him. Those who have come before you said that it was the best magic show they’ve experienced so far, and what they enjoyed most was the fact that everyone was involved in the show.


Show Duration:

  • Customizable (20 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes)

How to participate:

  • Use ZOOM to participate on your computer device

What to bring:

  • A  deck of cards (it can be poker or UNO cards)

Our virtual magic experience is curated for all types of private and corporate virtual events, team bonding sessions, awards ceremonies, town-hall meetings or even special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.


> 4,000


This Is Magic - A Virtual Magic Show on Airbnb Online Experience
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