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Stage Show

Grand Illusion Show by The MADgicians.jpg


A showcase of many of the most baffling and famous illusions of our time. Witness a person appear from thin air and the ability to teleport from one place to another in seconds.

This grand show has been featured on stages in cruise ships all around the world.

Duration: 30 minutes

Interactive Magic by The MADgicians


A highly interactive show filled with moments of comedy. Audience will participate in unbelievable mind-reading demonstrations and be part of the show. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Easter Serenade by The MADgicians


Suited for any Oriental theme event (e.g. Crazy Rich Asians, Chinese New Year, Shanghai Night & etc.), this duo stage performance is specially curated to embrace the eastern culture with magic and ancient drama personas. 


Duration: 20 minutes

Magical God of Prosperity by The MADgicians


The infusion of culture and magic is the uniqueness of this act. Our Magical God of Prosperity will dazzle your audience with his stage magic performance and mingle with the crowd through his close up routine.

Duration: 20 minutes

All our stage magic shows are customizable to suit your event requirements. Speak to us for more ideas!

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