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Secret Sessions

An Exclusive Magic Masterclass

Secret Sessions is an exclusive Magic Masterclass designed for any adults who are keen to have some fun with magic.


Imagine you are at a dinner table and everyone is on their phones getting bored. You offer to show your friends a magic trick. They get curious, perhaps thinking that you are joking. 


You gather some random items on the table and ask your friends to remove each of those items. You write down your prediction and at the end, the last item on the table, is written in your prediction beforehand.

Everyone goes crazy and starts asking you, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT"?


In this session, we will teach you magic that you can perform to anyone, anywhere. You do not need prior magic knowledge to join us, you only need the spirit to have fun and try something extraordinary.

You will learn how to:

  • Perform a card trick

  • Read minds

  • Link solid objects

Where is the class?

How long is the class?

  • 1  hour

What is included?

  • A Magic Kit

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