Magic has the ability to bring you back to a moment of childlike wonder; to a time when anything was possible,

when everything was pure magic.

We are a team of mad, radical and eccentric magicians sharing the same passion to create and perform great magic.

Most, if not all, of our shows are customised to suit your event's needs and demographic of your guests. Every member of our team 

specialises in different fields of magic and perpetually innovating our ideas to provide a unique experience for our audience.

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The stage is filled with huge and grand instruments of wonder. The illusionist appears a girl from a cloud of smoke, vanish a person into this air, saw a lady in half and levitate a person, among many other impossible feats. 


This illusion show was featured onboard the Royal Caribbean's Cruise Ship, Mariner of the Seas for 2 years and its new home is now onboard the Quantum of the Seas, the 5th Largest Ship in the World.


This show is also available throughout Malaysia. 


The audience IS the show. The MADgicians will involve audience member on stage to participate in the acts such as mind reading, demonstrating telekinesis abilities, turning a random audience member into an instant magician and much more. The acts that The MADgicians do ranges from appearing goldfish from a person's wallet to setting someone's phone on fire and magically restoring it to perfect condition.


Our MADgic is limitless.  


The most intimate form of magic is experiencing impossible miracles happening right in front of your eyes and in your hands. The MADgicians defy the laws of gravity by making money fly in the air, bend coins and metal and making small objects teleport from one place to another.  


A unique performance style in which the performer will switch costumes in split seconds right before your eyes. In this show, our acts will go through more than 10 transformations in a dance and musical flurry that will make the audience's jaws drop.  You will not want to miss such an eye-catching and heart pumping performance.



If you need something unique for your themed event, we are capable of customizing an act for you. We could make your VIP appear magically on stage for a grand entrance. We could present your product launching with a magical flair. Talk to us and let's create magic together.  

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