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The Living Room Experience
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Bringing Our Stage To Your Living Room

A Magic Show In Your House


You have seen magic on TV, on YouTube and from your phones.

But have you experienced a live magic show that is performed in your living room?

This is a first in Malaysia, a magic show where we bring the stage to you. This is The Living Room Experience. Our team of professionals will transform your living room into our stage with our own portable lighting setup and speakers.

Imagine hosting a small party and inviting guests over for dinner and drinks. Instead of scattered conversations and people scrolling their phones, you gather your guest in your living room. Then we take over and perform an evening of incredible magic show. After the show is over, you will see everyone in high spirit talking about what they have just witnessed. Your guests will find it difficult to forget this evening.


This is ideal for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any kind of home celebrations. We can secretly plan a surprise for someone, too. Book us now and experience a show literally like no other.

Show Duration:

  • 30 minutes 

What to bring?

  • Friends, family and guests. Pets are allowed, too :)

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