Bringing Our Stage To You Virtually

Providing you a theater-like magic experience from the comfort of your homes. 

The BEST part is you can even participate and perform magic together; creating a more fun, interactive and experiential atmosphere.


We created this experience to bridge you, the audience to us, the magicians. 

This is NOT the usual livestream show where you sit and watch. No! This show is very interactive and highly engaging.


Invite your family and friends, we can't wait to bring all of you on this exciting adventure!

Talk to us today!


Show Duration : 30 minutes

How to participate


This show is hosted via ZOOM, however you may also opt for other platforms that you deem suitable for your guests. 

**Available for corporate and private online events**


Thank you for your interest in our upcoming online magic showcase with Alex Tee. Please feel in the details below to RSVP.

Date: Saturday, 28 November 2020

Time: 2:00 PM (Malaysian Time) | 5:00 PM (Melbourne Time)

This is a short story on how we embarked on our online magic experience journey.

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