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Jin is a magician, mentalist and performer.  Currently, he is a resident magician at W Kuala Lumpur and he has performed at various prestigious events across Malaysia, Shanghai & Macau. 

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The Bar Magician


A love for cocktail. A passion for magic.


Jin brings two worlds together in the manifestation as The Bar Magician. He is the conjurer of magical feats within the realm of an evening bar.

Jin has held residency in esteemed modern taverns, giving magic to their house of guests from all over the world.


Blackbird KL

Jin's very first magic residency. He was appointed at the young age of 18 to perform daily at the bar. His performance was a highlight of the night as he dazzles customers with special up close magic experience while they enjoy their favourite drink. During his residency stay, he was often met with customers that revisit Blackbird for his shows. 

Curious Kitchen

His second residency was at Curious Kitchen, a

modern bar and restaurant. Appointed Jin to performed weekly on every Friday from July to October 2019. He conjures his magic for the dining customers during pre-dinner hours. Then ends the night with an interactive parlour show at the open kitchen counter located at the centre of the restaurant.

ROCKU Yakiniku

In 2019, Jin landed his third residency at a casual, upbeat and edgy Japanese Yakiniku, ROCKU. Fusing his magical entertainment with the smoke and smell of Japanese BBQ. He has performed at every outlets of ROCKUs: Pavilion, 1 Utama & Sunway Pyramid.

Saro Lounge

Jin presented his signature bar magic in this exquisite lounge from July to December 2019. Located within the prestigious Pavilion Elite along the famous Bukit Bintang strip. Saro lounge is among the most premium bars in KL that house international DJs and serve customers from all over the world including models, flight attendants, celebrities and many more.

Coming Soon

A new, international residency will be announce soon.

What is

A magician that performs regularly at a venue. Usually weekly.

Over the past 5 years, Jin has worked with some of the most exquisite bar & lounge in Kuala Lumpur, The Heart of Malaysia. Showcasing his magic to people from around the world at venues like Saro Lounge, Curate(Four Seasons), W Hotel, Vertigo from Banyan Tree etc.

Wonder how having a magician is an effective way to enhance your customers engagement? 

Modern               Wizard


Jin's repertoire range from grand illusion on stage to close-up magic in the most intimate settings.

His magical feats were showcased at high profile events locally and internationally including corporate dinners, music festivals, bars and festive seasons at luxurious resorts.

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