Human Juggler

A duo act filled with thrill and excitement as you watch one of them juggle the other into the sky with a variety of acrobatic stuns.

Ballet Acrobat

An elegant and delicate duo performance featuring a fusion of ballet, balancing body strength skills. 

Close Up Magic

An intimate performance showcasing impossible miracles happening right in front of your eyes and in your hands. Can be done on streets, at a bar, restaurant, hotel foyer, shopping malls & etc.

Magic & Illusions

This show revolves around highly energetic and visual acts with large stage apparatuses. Providing the audience with a theatrical experience as they witness the impossibility of teleportation, special appearances, levitation and the mystery of magic.

Rolla Bolla


How good are you with your balance? Come and witness this Daredevil bringing his balancing act to the next level, from ordinary to extraordinary!

Fire & LED


Looking for something dynamic and high in energy to get the crowd going? Our Fire and LED Duo are able to HEAT Up the atmosphere and customize their show to include brand marketing elements.

Capoeira & Batucada


Fancy a Brazilian performance for your event? Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music while Batucada is a sub-style of a fast pace percussive samba performance.



We have bands ranging from a simple 2 piece wedding band to a full blown Broadway band to elevate your event to the next level.



What happens when strength means flexibility? No tools or props required. These human acrobatics will show you how it is done and be prepared to be amazed by their masterpiece.



Dynamic and high energy dancers. We could also choreographing a dance that suits your theme or event.  ‚Äč

  • Big Skirt Dance

  • LED Dance

  • Belly Dance

  • Customised Dance

Violin & Ballerinas


Looking for something elegant and stands out? Our LED Violinist and Ballerinas might be the perfect fit for your event.

Speed Painting


When Art meets Speed. An intriguing art performance suitable for opening gambits or a surprise gift for your VIP.

Lion Dance


Lion dance has been part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed during festivals and celebrations. The lion, a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune, chases away evil spirits and brings happiness, longevity, and good luck.

Mask Changing


Also known as 'Bian Lian', is an ancient Chinese performance that is part of Sichuan Opera. Dressed in a traditional costume and wearing a vividly coloured mask, the performer will change from one mask to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan or by a movement of the head, or wave of the hand.



It's a fun activity for your guests to enjoy before or during your event. A natural crowd puller!

Wonder Wardrobe

Quick-change is a unique performance style in which the performer will switch costumes in split seconds right before your eyes. You will not want to miss such an eye-catching and heart pumping performance

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